Английски идиоми с цветове

Идиомите са устойчиви словосъчетания, които се използват за да се изрази образно една мисъл. Има ги във всички езици и едва ли някой се замисля, когато ги използва на родния си език. Изучаващите чужди езици понякога ги намират трудни за разбиране и това не е изненадващо, защото се формират в рамките на конкретната култура и общество и значението не е изградено от значенията на съставящите ги думи. Но именно идиомите правят речта по-интересна и жива.

Споделяме с вас някои от любимите ни идиоми с цветове на английски.

There is no silver bullet that will put an end to the discussion.

Effective or magical solution – ефективно или магическо решение

This issue is a horse of a different color and we should discuss it separately.

Something totally separate and different – нещо напълно отделно и различно

We go to an Italian restaurant once in a blue moon although we like Italian food very much.

Very rarely – много рядко

My friend passed the course with flying colors.

With great success – с голям успех

The managing director was given a golden handshake when he retired.

A large sum of money – голяма сума пари

He’s the director’s blue-eyed boy.

Be s.o.’s favorite – да си нечий любимец

The young man is a greenhorn and he has to learn much about his new job.

An untrained or inexperienced person – необучен или неопитен човек

The horse in the parade was as black as the ace of spade.

Very black – катранено черно

John would like to be a doctor but he always blacks out at the sight of blood.

Faint – припадам

When my cousin came to visit, we decided to go out and paint the town red.

Go out and party and have a good time – забавлявам се

In time of crises people show their true colors.

Real character/ personality – истинска същност/ характер

Mary started to see red when she realized that she had come in vain.

Be very angry or annoyed – да бъдеш много ядосан или раздразнен

I offered him my support on a silver platter.

Offer s.th. whole-heartedly – предлагам от сърце

The man was seeing pink elephants according to those who listened to the story.

See things which are not real, only in your imagination – виждам нещата нереално, въобразявам си

I was given a pink slip last week and now I’m looking for a job.

A termination notice of a job – заповед за уволнение

James will be green with envy when he sees Simon’s new sports car.

Extremely envious – позеленявам от завист

The man has a yellow streak and he will not defend you if you have problems.

Be cowardly – да си страхливец

Judy came back from her holiday as brown as a berry.

Very tanned – много почернял

The woman was caught red handed stealing jewelry in the shop.

Catch s.o. doing s.th. Illegal – хванат да върша нещо незаконно

I always receive red-carpet treatment when I got to visit my aunt.

Receive special or royal treatment – получавам специално/ кралско отношение

My grandmother is still in the pink of condition although she is eighty-four.

In good health – в добро здраве

My friend left for New Zealand out of the blue.

Without any notice, by surprise – изненадващо, без предупреждение

I asked him to put down in black and white what he really wanted.

Write on paper – да напиша черно на бяло

The businessman was blackballed because of his arrogant behavior.

Ostracize/ exclude s.o. socially – остракирам, изключвам някого в социален план, изолирам

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