Подготовка за IELTS и Cambridge ESOL

Course duration
Level B2:
80 academic hours, 16 weeks or 13 weeks
660 lv. student's book included

Level C1:
50 academic hours, 8 1/2 weeks or 10 weeks
460 lv. student's book included

once a week Saturday/ Sunday
twice a week Monday and Thursday

(1 academic hour=45 minutes)

Preparation for IELTS, FCE, CAE, TOEFL.

Note: If you find the following difficult to understand, please check the courses available for lower levels.

Why do you need to pass a certificate exam?

Here there are some reasons: - to apply for a university abroad - to get a job with an international company - to motivate you to improve your level of English

Who is the course suitable for?

For high school students, university students, young specialists and for those who enjoy studying English.

What is a format preparation course?

Every certificate exam has a specific format, including a variety of tasks. Every task has a time limit. The course prepares for the format of the exam. It teaches useful exam strategies for excellent performance within the time limit. Since the course focuses on the format of the exam, a relevant entry level is necessary.

How is the relevant entry level assessed?

The candidate for the course takes a placement test, which assesses their general English level.

How is the course designed?

The course material is based on authentic exams, organised by Cambridge ESOL. Three mock exams are done during the course so that progress is assessed. Every candidate is individually assessed throughout the course with the aim of assigning individual tasks so that personal weaknesses are overcome.