Фразови глаголи: bring

► Mr. Brown said the issue would be brought up at the next conference.

To bring up – повдигам въпрос

► There something in her that brings out the best in her children.

To bring out s.th. – извеждам на показ

► He always brings me back something nice when he travels abroad.

To bring back – нося, донасям

► The piano concert is really difficult but she brought it off magnificently.

To bring off – извеждам до успешен край

► Human activities have brought about major climate change.

To bring about – причинявам

► The audience was really brought down when the concert was canceled.

To bring down – разочаровам

► This song always brings back precious memories.

To bring back – припомням

► His behavior brought on bad attitude to the company.

To bring on – причинявам

► Our parents brought us up to believe in out own abilities.

To bring up – възпитавам, отглеждам

► Not passing the exam brought her back down to earth.

To bring back down to earth– връщам се в реалността

► I’ll be delighted if you bring along your wife to the party.

To bring along s.o. – довеждам със себе си

► They brought down the curtain on their African tour in Cape town.

To bring the curtain down – закривам

► If Mary stays at home with the kids, her husband will have to bring home the bacon.

To bring home the bacon – печеля пари от работа

► The speech brought home his intentions.

To bring home – разяснявам

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