Фразови глаголи: look

► He is a role model for younger musicians to look up to.

To look up to – гледам с възхищение

► I took the art college offer and never looked back.

To never look back – без да съжалявам

► We are not related but I look on him as a brother.

To look on – приемам за

► I am looking for Jim. Have you seen him?

To look for – търся

► She looks down on anyone who hasn’t had a university education.

To look down – гледам с пренебрежение

► If you’re thinking of buying a house my advice is to look before you leap.

To look before leap – проверявам преди да направя нещо, оглеждам се преди да скоча

► I’m looking through some cookery books for inspiration.

To look through – разглеждам, преглеждам

► I wrote a letter of complaint, and the airline promised to look into the matter.

To look into – разследвам

► They are looking to me to help them finish on time.

To look to – разчитам на

► Looking ahead, the company will have to employ about 100 new specialists.

To look ahead – гледам в бъдещето

► There’s a car coming. Look out!

To look out – внимавам

► We were told to look out for a blue van.

To look out for – оглеждам се, търся

► He has worked hard and now he is looking forward to his holiday.

To look forward to – очаквам

► I saw Angela this morning but she looked through me.

To look through – гледам през, не виждам

► You can’t just look the other way if you know he’s stealing things from the office.

To look the other way – правя се че не виждам

► If you are looking for the perfect holiday need look no further than our hotel.

To need look no further – не търся повече

► I didn’t know what “subtle” means so I had to look it up in a dictionary.

To look up – проверявам

► Look me up next time you are in Rome.

To look up – отбивам се, отивам на гости

► After I’ve started this job things are really looking up for me.

Things are looking up – нещата се подреждат добре

► The weather is so changeable. Look after yourself.

To look after – грижа се за

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