Bulgarian as a foreign language

Course duration:
5 weeks, 100 academic hours
(1 academic hour=45 minutes)

every week day from Monday to Friday
morning classes 9.00. - 12.30
evening classes 18.00. - 21.30

640 lv. student's book included

You probably know how to order food at the restaurant or you can organize your trips in Bulgaria. Yet sometimes you might feel awkward in a particular situation because you don't quite understand Bulgarian customs or sense of humour. You don't need a cultural studies course in order to feel at home in Bulgaria. You need a language course in Bulgarian as a foreign language using the suggestopedia method of teaching.

Suggestopedia is a method of teaching created by Bulgarian professor of psychology and neurology Georgi Lozanov in the sixties of the 20th century. The method was recognized by UNESCO as a supreme method of teaching all kinds of knowledge, i.e. it is not limited to language teaching.

In the context of language teaching suggestopedia offers a variety of activities the result of which is long-term memorization and spontaneous use of a large number of vocabulary items and grammatical constructions.

The course is based on a specially written suggestopedic book presenting over 2000 Bulgarian words. Various language games and role play are used to enhance language acquisition, rather than monotonous and repetitive exercises.

Music is an important element of the suggestopedic course. Various songs are used in order to introduce grammar constructions and Bulgarian words. (You don't need to sing if you don't feel like that.) Now the universally acknowledged positive effects of classical music were extensively experimented by professor Georgi Lozanov and professor Evelina Gateva (the person who developed the practical part of the methodology). Thus classical music is an essential part of a suggestopedic course.

During the course homework tasks are not assigned and there are no tests. Positive results are guaranteed on condition that 100% of the course is attended.

We would like to invite you to a personal meeting with the teacher. You will be free to ask all your questions about this unique language and cultural experience.